QR Codes in retail: Does it help?

QR Codes can be used in several different ways in the retail landscape. From acquiring new customers to improving the in-store experience, QR Codes can help retailers compete with e-commerce at a fraction of the cost.

What are the different types of QR Codes for retail?

You can learn more about these QR Codes by clicking on them.

  1. Video QR Code
  2. Coupon QR Code
  3. Email QR Code
  4. Text QR Code
  5. PDF QR Code
  6. Call QR Code
  7. Location QR Code
QR Codes in retail

What can you do with QR Codes in stores?

Increase Website Traffic

Use a Website QR Code to link to your landing page and start driving more traffic to your business online.

Online checkout

You can allow shoppers to purchase products they like in the store online and get it delivered straight at home. Simply place a QR Code on the product packaging to initiate the process.

Get in touch with customer service

What’s worse than low sales? An unhappy customer. Allow your customers to get in touch with the customer service right from the store with a Text QR Code or a Call QR Code.

Join loyalty programs

Why hold up the checkout line to enter your customer in a VIP program when they can do so just by scanning a QR Code? If a shopper scans your QR Code but does not register, you can retarget them online on Google and Facebook with Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) intuitive platform.

Reveal offers and discounts

Link your discount codes to the QR Code for a seamless shopping experience. You can even have your customer purchase the item online with the coupon code already applied at checkout.

Increase social media visibility

The best way to connect in the digital era is social media. Have your happy customers follow, like and engage with you on social with a social media QR Code. You can drive your shoppers directly to your Facebook Messenger inbox with QR Code.

Leave feedback

Customer-backed inventory is making waves. Amazon’s 4-star store has implemented it and there is no doubt that customers respond well when retailers make an attempt to incorporate their feedback.

Navigate to the retail store

Coupled with an OOH advertisement, QR Codes can be used by retailers to help customers navigate to the store. Using a location QR Code linked to Waze or Google Maps, customers no longer have to memorize the address or get lost.

Boost app downloads

Have an app? The best way to encourage your consumers to download the app is with a QR Code. All they have to do is scan the QR Code to download it on their respective App Store.

Leverage in-store traffic to increase app downloads

Share contact information

With a vCard QR Code, retailers can get customers to save their information right on the mobile phone. This negates the need for an additional step of handing out business cards and users having to manually save the information.

Brands that use QR Codes for retail

Heinz’s QR Codes on product packaging

When Heinz introduced environment-friendly packaging, they let their customers know with a QR Code that led to a green trivia quiz when scanned.

Innisfree’s pop up store promotion

Innisfree used QR Codes in their pop-up stores to promote their new line of green tea seed serum in Malaysia.

Ralph’s Laurens offline ads

For the past decade, Ralph Lauren has been using QR Codes in display windows and magazine ads.

Decathlon’s Scan and Go

Decathlon, India has used QR Codes to make it simpler for customers to shop. By adding a QR Code on every product category, they have made it easy for customers to scan and add the product on the Decathlon app and checkout instantly. The products are purchased online and are delivered straight to the shopper’s doorstep. Not only does this help to make the checkout experience smoother, customers who have a lot of items do not have to carry these by themselves.

Lacoste’s QR Codes to increase customer engagement

Lactose has been using QR Codes for a while now in their display and magazine ads. They recently introduced ‘Lacoste Championship’, a game, to engage with the customer while they are in the retail store.

Walmart’s cashless payments

Invisible payments are the norm. Especially for millennials who prefer not waiting in long lines but want instant gratification, retailers like Walmart are definitely getting it right. Shoppers can make cashless payments with QR Codes allowing cashless economies to thrive.

Why retailers love QR Codes


You can create static QR Codes for free. Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) complete QR Code solution is extremely cost-effective allowing marketers and businesses to get started with QR Codes without a heavy investment.


From making a call to revealing discount codes, QR Codes can do a lot. Explore other types of QR Codes.

Ease of deployment

QR Codes do not take forever to implement. Once you create your QR Code, you can simply download it to use it online or print it in a format that you prefer to either use it on print marketing material or on a billboard or banner.

Tracking and analytics

QR Codes improve the efficacy of offline marketing. With a QR Code, you can track the number of scans and make real-time adjustments with Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) dashboard. On the Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac) dashboard, you can also export these analytics to further examine them and integrate your Google Analytics account to gain more insight into your target audience.

Consumer Awareness

Consumers already know what to do when they see a QR Code. Since it has become a native feature in both Android and iPhones, consumers are ready to scan and avail offers.

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