How to use QR Codes on brochures

You can use QR Codes on brochures in multiple ways:

  1. Explainer product videos: Add a Video QR Code on your brochure to enhance your product offering. Consumers absorb videos more than text. They are 12 times more likely to watch a video than to read a brochure.
  2. Add events to calendars: If you are handing out an event brochure, place a QR Code there allowing customers to add your event to their calendar directly.
  3. Coupon codes for sales brochures: Add a Coupon QR Code to your sales brochure to allow customers to buy products with the coupon code already applied at checkout.
  4. Share contact details: Use your brochures to share your business details through a vCard QR Code or your website through a Website QR Code. You can also use a Google Maps QR Code to redirect your users to your physical store and have them call you through a Call QR Code.
  5. Different types of QR Code available

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Best practices to keep in mind when using a QR Code on a brochure

  1. Choose the right kind of QR Code
  2. Customize it with your logo and color
  3. Consider the placement
  4. Include a compelling call-to-action
  5. Only use high-quality images

STEP 1: Choose the right kind of QR Code

Whether you are printing out a sales, event or an educational brochure, use the right type of QR Code to enhance your brochure.

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STEP 2: Customize it with your logo and color

Use a QR Code generator to customize the colors of your QR Code. Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) QR Code allows you to create custom designed QR Codes with your own logo for free with unlimited scans. You can create QR Codes in line with your branding. It is recommended that you test these color QR Codes before printing them.

STEP 3: Consider the placement

QR Codes on brochures must be scannable. The general ratio of scanning distance to QR Code size is usually 10:1 to avoid it becoming too small to scan. The QR Code should be front and center to accelerate the number of scans. Avoid printing the QR Code on the edge or any folds as it might distort the code and prevent it from being scanned.

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STEP 4: Include a compelling call-to-action

A CTA is essential if you want more people to scan your QR Code and let consumers know exactly what they will find once they scan the QR Code.

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STEP 5: Only use high-quality images

Your brochure must have high-quality images to make it attractive and engaging for customers and to ensure the QR code remains scannable.

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