Best QR Code Generators in 2024: A Complete Comparison & Review

How to choose the best QR Code generator in 2024

On the hunt for the best QR Code generator out there? This detailed comparison has got you covered! Read on for our top 6 QR Code generators list, features to look for in a QR Code solution, a bird’s eye view feature comparison, and why we think Uniqode comes out on top.

Stadium QR Code: Score Higher ROI With Fewer Efforts


A stadium QR Code offers immense scope to boost your campaign reach and ROI. Moreover, you can deploy it for various use cases. In this article, learn more on how to integrate stadium QR Codes into your marketing.

How To Export Your Digital Business Card Leads to a CRM (in 2 Easy Ways)

Learn how to export your digital business card leads to a CRM. Centralize your lead management and nurturing to drive successful conversions

7 Actionable Ways To Start Generating Offline Leads in 2024

Learn the seven ways to conduct offline lead generation and procure high-intent leads. Furthermore, understand the prerequisites needed to generate offline leads effectively.

9 Foolproof Lead Generation Ideas for Realtors To Boost Conversions

Are you a realtor looking for lead-generation ideas that actually work in 2024? Read this blog to learn about fool-proof lead generation ideas for realtors.

How To Use QR Codes for Logistics: An Easy-to-Implement Guide

QR Codes for logistics

Unlock the potential of QR Codes in logistics with this guide. Learn benefits, top applications, and a simple implementation process.

Uniqode vs. Canva QR Code Generators: Compare and Decide


Should you go for a free QR Code generator such as Canva or a paid QR Code generator such as Uniqode? In this article, we compare both on multiple parameters to find an answer. Find out which tool will suit your needs the best.

How Field Sales Professionals Can Build a Digital Address Book To Capture Leads

Learn how to capture lead data for your digital address book via your e-business card. Also, learn to build a digital address book using a digital business card solution.

How To Create a QR Code With Dots (And Drive More Scans)


Take your QR Code design to the next level with QR Code dots. Stand out from the crowd with a custom design. Improve your scannability and printing success ratio.

What are Smart QR Codes (& How to Create them)

What are smart QR Codes and how to create them

Want to create QR Codes that redirect content as per your rules? Try Smart QR Codes, which go beyond dynamic QR Codes and display varied content.

Announcement: Beaconstac is now Uniqode!

We are thrilled to announce that Beaconstac is rebranding with a new name: Uniqode. This refreshed brand identity reflects our vision to help businesses connect the digital and physical worlds through QR codes.