The 7 Best QR Code Generators in 2024: Compare and Decide

How to choose the best QR Code generator in 2024

Unsure which QR Code solution to choose for your business? This detailed comparison will help you make an informed decision. We’ll also explore the factors to consider when choosing the best QR Code generator.

How To Create Dynamic QR Codes for Telegram to Build Your Audience

Your in-app Telegram QR Codes are only getting the job done. Use dynamic Telegram QR Codes to edit, track, and customize them for enhanced community-building.

QR Codes on Vehicles: A New Marketing Tool?

QR Code on Vehicles

QR Codes are exploding in popularity, but can they work for your business on the go? Discover how you can leverage them on your vehicles for a unique marketing opportunity.

How To Boost Your Bookings with Airbnb QR Codes in 2024

How to use Airbnb QR Codes

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How To Convert CSV to vCards—and Manage Contacts Like a Pro

How to Convert CSV to vCard

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How the Internet Has Changed the Way We Send Each Other Money

Sending and receiving money is faster and easier than ever. Uniqode mapped out five ways the internet revolutionized how we transfer money.

QR Codes for Manufacturing: How To Create One (+ Industry Case Studies)


Take your slow and tedious manual processes and give them a spin by creating a QR Code for manufacturing. Move, track, and manage operations faster on the factory floor. Get an edge over your competitors with dynamic QR Codes.

How To Integrate Uniqode with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory)

How To Integrate Uniqode with Microsoft Entra ID.

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Why You Should Include a QR Code in Your Resume [+Tips To Know]

How to create a QR Code Resume

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