Best QR Code Generators in 2024: A Complete Comparison & Review

How to choose the best QR Code generator in 2024

Confused about the top QR Code generators and which one to choose for your business? Make an informed decision with this detailed comparison. Also, discover the factors to consider for choosing the best QR Code generator.

The QR Code Generator vs. QR Code Generator Pro: Which Is a Better Solution for You?

A detailed comparison between The QR Code Generator and the QR Code Generator Pro. Both offer similar core features but differ in ease of use, analytics, and support.

Popl vs. Dot: A Comprehensive Review of the Two Digital Business Card Solutions

Popl vs. Dot: Which digital business card is better?

An in-depth comparison of two digital business card solutions, Popl and Dot, based on features, ratings, and pricing. Read on to find out which tool is the best for your business!

Popl vs. Dot vs. Linq: Which Digital Business Card Solution To Choose in 2024

Popl, Dot Cards, and Linq are three of today’s most popular digital business card solutions. But which of them is best for your business? Explore each solution’s defining features in-depth and decide.

5 QR Code Formats for Your Business (+ When To Use Them)


Downloading your QR Code and don’t know which format to choose? Find out more about each of the five types, their pros and cons, use cases, and best practices for using them.

How Much Data Can QR Code Hold?

How much data can QR Code hold

The exact amount of data QR Codes can hold depends on three things: size, error correction, and type. Larger QR Codes (higher versions) have more space to store data, while higher error correction levels sacrifice some space to make the code more scannable even if damaged.

6 Ways To Improve Engagement at Work with QR Codes

Exploring ways to improve employee engagement at workplace? QR codes can be a great way to do this instead of traditional ways like emails and posters.

QR Code History—From 1994 to 2024—in Under 10 Mins

QR Code history: From 1994 to 2024

An in-house project in the 1990s that exploded to global adoption by the mid-2000s, followed by ubiquity since 2020—this is the story of QR Codes.

Stadium QR Code: Score Higher ROI With Fewer Efforts


A stadium QR Code offers immense scope to boost your campaign reach and ROI. Moreover, you can deploy it for various use cases. In this article, learn more on how to integrate stadium QR Codes into your marketing.

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Learn how to export your digital business card leads to a CRM. Centralize your lead management and nurturing to drive successful conversions

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Learn the seven ways to conduct offline lead generation and procure high-intent leads. Furthermore, understand the prerequisites needed to generate offline leads effectively.