How to create a Location QR Code

STEP 1: Sign up for the 14 day trial on Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) QR Code generator

STEP 2: Select the ‘Location’ QR Code

STEP 3: Search for the location you want to make the QR Code for

STEP 4: Customize the QR Code

STEP 5: Test and download it in EPS, SVG, PDF or PNG. You can also save it for later or print it

Google Maps QR Code

Google Maps is incredibly popular, beating Waze and Maps by Apple. According to the Manifest, 67% of consumers use Google Maps. Waze is only used by 12% of users.

A Google Maps QR Code can be used in emails, newsletters, posters, flyers or on billboards and banners to help users navigate to the store’s physical location.

How to create a QR Code for Google Maps location

  • STEP 1: Create a ‘Location’ QR code on the dashboard
  • STEP 2: Search for the location
  • STEP 3: Customize your QR code with colors and logo
  • STEP 4: Test your QR Code and save, download or print it

Creating a QR Code with embedded Google Maps

Let’s say, you want to offer more information to the user apart from directing them to the store location. Perhaps, you want to add a coupon code, a call button or another CTA.

You can do that with Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) intuitive QR Code solution.

  1. Create a landing page

    Create a landing page on the Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac) dashboard. Add your text, images, buttons and embed the Google Maps location in your landing page. You can also add a retargeting option here for Google and Facebook. So, anyone who scans your QR Code can be retargeted online.
  2. Create a QR Code

    Create a dynamic QR Code to ensure you can keep changing the content. For instance, if you want to display a new offer or have relocated your business, the same QR Code can now point to different information. You can change this information in real-time through the Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac) dashboard.
  3. Attach the landing page to the QR Code

    Choose the landing page you created and attach it to the QR Code. Test your QR code and download it in the required format and resolution.

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How to scan or read the Google Maps QR Code

It is incredibly simple for a user to scan the code.

  • STEP 1: Point the camera at the QR Code.
  • STEP 2: iPhones recognize the URL as a Google Maps QR Code and Android displays the link.
  • STEP 3: Open the link in the app. If the app is not installed, the user can navigate using the browser as well.
  • How to scan QR Codes with iOS, Android and Desktop

Create your first location QR Code

Waze QR Code

Waze, unlike Google Maps, has built a culture of user engagement. There are 110 million monthly active users on the app.

A Waze QR Code opens up the Waze app on the smartphone with directions to the particular location. If the app is not installed, then the browser version of Waze is opened.

How to make a QR Code for Waze locations

  • STEP 1: Choose the ‘Website’ QR Code on the platform
  • STEP 2: Copy and paste the link of the location from Waze
  • STEP 3: Customize the QR Code with colors and logo
  • STEP 4: Test and download, print or save your Waze QR Code

Apple Maps QR Code

23.3 million monthly users use Maps on their iOS devices. You can also create an Apple Maps QR Code to share in a similar fashion.

If the Maps is available on the iPhone, the QR Code will open up the address in the map. Otherwise, it will take you to the browser version of Maps.

Create an Apple Maps QR Code

  • STEP 1: Select the ‘Website’ QR Code on the platform
  • STEP 2: Grab and paste the link of the location from Maps
  • STEP 3: Design the QR Code as per your needs
  • STEP 4: Test it and download your QR Code

How to use a Location QR Code

Location QR codes are the most efficient way to drive footfalls, make navigation easier, and help attendees RSVP instantaneously.


  • Make a location QR Code to drive traffic to your store

    A lot of revenue is spent on advertising the new store location - TV, print, OOH (Out-of-Home), and online advertisements. Barring online advertisements, all other forms of advertisements cannot offer navigation to the user which is crucial in today’s age. Whether you create a Google Maps QR code or a Waze QR code, providing the exact directions ensures you have more customers filing up outside your store.

  • Use a location QR Code creator to help identify the right store branch

    Some franchises and chains offer a special discount at one location but not at the others which can lead to confusion for the customer expecting a discount. By adding a location QR code to the marketing material, customers can use the QR Code for directions to the right store location.


  • Generate a location QR Code to make navigation easier in schools and colleges

    For students at a large new campus, the campus map can be quite daunting to master. Instead of confusing directions and signboards, replace the arrow signs with QR Codes to send the location to students so they can arrive at the desired building easily. (Or, you can give out QR Codes that contain a PDF which contains a map of the campus.)


  • Create a QR Code for map location to encourage potential buyers to purchase

    For a potential buyer, some key factors include the distance from work, school, and the nearest amenities. Turn the location to a QR Code and add it to signages, marketing materials, and bench advertisements to allow buyers to find the perfect house. Use a dynamic QR Code Generator so that you can keep updating listings in real-time.


  • Make a QR Code for location to allow your guests to locate your venue and RSVP

    As soon as guests receive wedding invitations, they look up the venue to see if they can make it. Make it easier for them by adding a Location QR Code in the invitation so that they can scan and instantaneously see how far they are from the wedding venue. You can also design customized QR Codes so that the QR Code matches the rest of the wedding card.


  • Allow consumers to verify the origins of the produce

    Add a location QR code onto the food packaging so that consumers can scan and verify where a particular ingredient originated from. Since QR Codes for food packaging have to be integrated into your system, you should use a QR Code Generator API that allows you to create a completely custom QR Code.


  • Create a location QR Code to help visitors find your church

    Get a QR Code for your church location to help devotees get directions to your church easily. Utilize a QR Code generator for map location to create QR Codes and add them to bulletin boards, posters, and other print media. Create a QR Code for a Google Maps location so that potential visitors can scan and view the route to your church instantly.

    How to use QR Codes for churches


At trade shows and exhibitions, navigation can be tricky for attendees looking for a particular stall. Add a location QR Code to your event badge to give attendees directions to your booth with ease. All they need to do is scan the badge QR Code to get your stall’s location. This helps increase visibility for your business and gather more visitors.

Why location QR Codes are effective

Apart from catering to consumer needs, location QR Codes are an efficient way to get more customers into the store.

Retargeting online on Facebook and Google

What happens when consumers see your print advertisement but do not convert? With online advertisements, it is easy to set up retargeting and up those conversion rates but normal advertising material doesn’t have the same features. With location QR Codes, businesses can leverage print advertising and retarget consumers online. This is possible with Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) intuitive dashboard that only requires you to input the Facebook Pixel ID or Google Conversion ID and start retargeting every consumer that scans the location QR Code.

Analyze and track scans

Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) advanced analytics allow businesses to see not only how many consumers have scanned the QR Code but also the time, location and data of the scan. This allows marketers to fine-tune campaigns in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A location QR Code is a QR Code solution that redirects the user to the specific Maps (Google, Waze or Apple) to the said location after scanning it.

Scan a location QR Code from print media material to be redirected to maps for direction. Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps do not have an in-built location QR Code scanner. Make use of your smartphone camera to scan the location QR Code to the said location.

No, a location QR Code is not free. However, location QR Codes start from just $5.

No, it is not. Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) online QR Code generator provides location QR Codes starting from $5.

Create a location QR Code to any specific location using Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) QR Code generator. Add the location QR Code on brochures, pamphlets, or store fronts so users can scan it and be redirected to maps to find the location.

Go to maps, enter the destination, click on copy URL. Now, go to Uniqode's (formerly Beaconstac) QR Code generator, select location QR Code and paste the URL in the field, customize the QR Code, and download it to convert a location to a QR Code.

Maps do not possess their own QR Code generator. Instead, open the smartphone’s camera and scan the QR Code. If your smartphone does not have an in-built QR Code, download a QR Code scanner app to scan the QR Code.

Absolutely. With the help of a dynamic QR Code, you can change which location it points to in real-time. All you need to do is select the new location your QR Code should link to and save the changes.

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