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Create, save, and easily share your digital business cards in minutes at any event.

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Allow scan data to flow into your existing marketing tools without interruptions.

Zapier and Make

Automate workflows and reduce data silos through integrations with 5,000+ apps.

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Zapier and Make

Receive in-depth insights on your marketing campaigns, like user behaviour, engagement, and demographics.

Google Analytics

Improve conversion rates by retargeting your consumers who scanned QR Codes but haven’t converted yet.

Gooogle Ads and Facebook Pixels

Amp up your QR Code designs with Canva templates and edit them with ease.


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Frequently Asked Questions

QR Codes significantly improve events as they enable you to engage with attendees via their smartphones. A QR Code can:

  • Boost attendance by providing easy access to event details
  • Monitor guests by utilizing QR Codes as entry tickets
  • Gather attendee data for enhancing the event experience
  • Simplify check-in procedures with contactless scanning
  • Facilitate contactless payment methods
  • Highlight event activities and sponsors
  • Encourage a fun and interactive atmosphere with games and contests
  • Increase brand recognition and interaction through customized QR Codes
  • Simplify event navigation with location-specific QR Codes

QR Codes have gained popularity among event planners due to their adaptability. You can program them to direct users to various digital experiences, such as:

  • A website
  • Collecting customer contact information
  • An online merchandise store
  • Downloading an app from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • A menu or order form
  • A PDF document
  • A video, audio file, or blog post
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi by storing network ID and password
  • Sending and receiving payment details

Yes, you can alter the information associated with your event QR Code. A dynamic QR Code generated by Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac) allows you to update the linked content without needing to reprint it.

Yes. You can tailor the event page to your preferences. You can further customize it with colors, background images, and profile pictures, enabling you to better resonate with your target audience.