Why 2022 is the Year of QR Codes

Trace the journey of QR Codes from before till the year 2022. Find out the reasons for the sudden resurgence of QR Codes in 2022, trends prevalent till date, and benefits of using them.

Sneh Ratna Choudhary

Last Updated:  May 17, 2024

Why 2022 is the Year of QR Codes

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12 responses to “Why 2022 is the Year of QR Codes”

  1. ljohnsonca says:

    Is is possible to use QR codes on previously downloaded apps? If so, can the codes be used for specific pages within an app?

    • Monika Adarsh says:

      Yes it is possible to deep-link a section of the app. The way it works is, the QR code links to the required section on the app. If the user already has the app, the QR code opens the app, else, it redirects to the app store.

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  6. jehakim2210 says:

    I think this article is wrong at some points… It will give confusing to readers.
    Do QR Codes expire?
    There is no limited scan-life for QR Codes and they do not expire, in case of “dynamic ” QR Codes.
    -> It have to change to “Static” not “dynamic”…

    However, in the case of “static” QR Codes, they expire. If a “static” QR Code expires, it won’t work – meaning, it won’t direct you to a landing webpage, basically stalling the purpose of the QR Code.
    -> All of “static” have to be changed to “dynamic”…

    Dynamic QR Codes do not expire in any case even after multiple scans. They are editable, retrievable, and can be used for multiple purposes with no expiry date.
    -> The Dynamic code DO EXPIRE in some cases, if you do not pay to this company…

    please, write the CORRECT Explanation…
    If I was wrong, please tell me a reason..

  7. Jean-Michel Roblin says:

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  8. 黃之瑜 says:

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