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Everything about design customizations for QR Codes. This includes logo, frames, color and more

How To Create Customizable White QR Codes

How to create a white QR Code

Wondering how to stand out from a sea of black and white QR Codes? Learn how to create a white QR Code with dark or transparent background in just four steps.

How To Add a QR Code Border & Drive More Scans

How to create a QR Code with border

Level up your QR Code design with a border and a call-to-action. Learn how to do it easily in four steps and increase user engagement.

4 Steps To Create a QR Code with a Background Image [+Best Practices]

How to create a QR Code with background image

Exploring ways to add background to your QR Codes? Read this four-step guide to create QR Codes with background without compromising scannability and visual appeal.

The Ultimate Guide To Creating QR Codes With Colored Backgrounds

QR Code with color background

Learn how to create eye-catching QR Codes with color backgrounds. Stand out in a sea of black and white QR Codes, and gain competitive edge.

Top QR Code Design Trends & Tips To Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

Best QR Code trends in 2023

Discover the best QR Code design trends in 2023. Enhance your marketing campaigns with proven design tips for optimal engagement and results.

PNG QR Codes: Create Sharp & Transparent QR Codes

Create PNG QR Codes on Beaconstac

Learn everything about PNG QR Codes and how they are your best bet for websites, social media campaigns, and prints. Create high quality PNG QR Codes for your next use case.

All You Need to Know About Creating SVG QR Codes

Create SVG QR Codes with Beaconstac

Have you decided to use resizable QR Codes for your next campaign? This easy guide takes you through why SVG QR Codes are your best bet.

How To Create a Free QR Code With Logo [+Tips to Customize]

How to create a free QR Code with logo on Beaconstac

Create customized free QR Codes with a logo for your website, PDFs, menu, or app downloads in four simple steps. Also learn to customize, and edit your QR Codes with logo.

Generate Clear & Scalable Vector QR Codes: Use EPS & SVG Formats

Marketing growth with the power of vector QR Codes

Create vector QR Codes that you can dynamically adjust for multiple dimensions without losing its clarity and sharpness—be it for an 11-inch brochure or a 48-feet billboard.

Ensure Clarity and Scannability With High Resolution QR Codes

Learn how to create High resolution QR Codes

High-resolution QR Codes are important for creating marketing materials of various sizes. Find out the different formats for high-resolution QR Codes and best practices for using them.