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How To Do a QR Code Campaign Like Taylor Swift’s

How to do a QR Code campaign like Taylor Swift's

Taylor Swift’s TTPD QR Code campaign was a marketing juggernaut—hardly surprising given her Reputation (pun intended). But, could you also do a similar campaign for your business? Find it out here.

Stadium QR Code: Score Higher ROI With Fewer Efforts


A stadium QR Code offers immense scope to boost your campaign reach and ROI. Moreover, you can deploy it for various use cases. In this article, learn more on how to integrate stadium QR Codes into your marketing.

How To Make a QR Code for a Podcast [+FAQs]

How to create a Podcast QR Code

Wondering how to share your podcast with an offline audience? Learn to make QR Codes for podcasts and make access as easy as a scan.

How To Create Interactive QR Codes For a Badge [+Tips]

How to create QR Code for a badge

Learn how to create a customizable QR Code for any content type using Uniqode and make your badges interactive.

How To Make Printable Coupons with QR Scan Codes

Make printable coupons with QR Scan Codes on Beaconstac

Wondering how to make printable coupons that help you track customer engagement? Read on to learn about trackable QR coupon codes.

How to Create a QR Code for Images and Text Free


Create a QR Code for images and text free with Uniqode. Find out how to create each and how dynamic QR Codes offer an added advantage for your campaigns.

How to Make a QR Code Link to Email: A Step by Step Guide

How to make a QR Code link to email with Beaconstac

Learn how to create a QR Code that links to a pre-set email and start engaging customers more effectively. Discover the benefits and best practices of using an email QR Code.

How to Create a QR Code for Waze Location: The Easy Way

How to create a QR Code for Waze Location

Learn how to create a Waze QR Code. Go beyond creating static location QR Codes, and track scans, edit destination, and share your dynamic Waze QR Codes with Uniqode.

How to Create a Custom QR Code for Print: A Quick and Easy Guide


Create a custom QR Code for print in four easy steps. Know how dynamic QR Codes can take your campaign performance to the next level.

QR Code Engraving: Is it Worth it? The Whys, Hows & Best-Practices

Discover a world of customer engagement with creative QR Code engraving ideas. From restaurant menus to custom nameplates, learn how businesses use engraved QR Codes to enhance their marketing efforts and enrich customer interactions.