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Anything related to counting people, i.e, attendance or counting assets & inventory

Booking QR Code: A Handy Guide To Higher Revenue Generation


Struggling with a low booking closure ratio? Try booking QR Codes: a simple way for prospects to make reservations and appointments. Discover the three-step process.

QR Codes in Supply Chain Management: Everything You Need to Know

QR Codes in supply chain management

Elevate your supply chain visibility with QR Codes. Learn how to integrate them into your supply chain, their benefits, and best practices.

How QR Code Sign-In Sheets Make Attendance Tracking A Cakewalk


Use QR Code sign-in sheets for attendance tracking for real estate, education, corporate, and event management. Create one with Google Forms to enable effortless automation.

How To Create a Free Attendance QR Code [+Tips to Setup]

How to create a free QR Code for attendance with Beaconstac

Learn how to digitize attendance tracking seamlessly by creating a free QR Code with Uniqode. Simply follow three steps: open the QR Code generator, input the attendance form URL, and customize the QR Code. While the free version serves basic needs, upgrading to dynamic QR Codes offers advanced features like data export and tracking.

Boost Efficiency and Tracking with QR Codes for Organization

Organization QR Codes are QR Codes that can be used as stickers, labels, and tags.

Manual organization can mean checklists and redundant logbooks that consume time. Use QR Code stickers, labels, and tags to organize and store inventory with ease. Read on to learn the advantages of organization QR Codes.

Improve Customer Experience & Boost Revenue with QR Codes for Check-in

Use QR Codes for easy and hassle-free check-ins

Long wait times can negatively impact your customers experience. Use QR Code for check-in to cut long queues at hotels, events and offices. Read on to learn the advantages of using a check-in QR Code.

Contactless QR Code Registration: Make User Sign-Ups Easy and Secure

A QR Code registration is an easier way to capture sign-ups

Need a way to bolster your sign-up numbers? Get registration QR Codes to help you out. In this article, we’ll dive deep into how QR Codes can help your online forms capture more leads, customers, and guests.

How to Track Attendance with QR Codes

Tracking attendance with QR Codes

QR Codes are an ideal physical-to-digital channel for streamlining digital attendance tracking from physical touchpoints. Wondering how you can leverage this? Read on for an in-depth guide on how you can easily set up QR Codes to track attendance.

QR Codes for Planograms: 6 Reasons Why Retailers Need it

QR Codes for planograms

Struggling to improve in-store sales and shelf performance rate for your brick and mortar retail store? QR Codes for planograms are the answer you’re looking for.

QR Code Asset Management: Streamline Your Tracking Process With a Single Scan!

QR Codes for asset management

Learn more about how you can leverage QR Code asset tags and simplify your asset tracking processes—all with an easy scan!