CATEGORY: Digital Business Card Basics

Everything that a DBC user should know on day 1, such as, how to create, track, and use a DBC

How To Share a Digital Business Card on WhatsApp—& 7 Reasons Why

Digital business card for WhatsApp

Sharing digital business cards on WhatsApp is like texting someone. Once the card is ready, you can share it as a URL or QR Code. Learn how to do it on Uniqode.

What Makes a Good Digital Business Card: The 3 Must-Have Elements

Discover the key qualities that define a good digital business card. Stand out in your networking initiatives and achieve your desired networking results.

Are Digital Business Cards Safe and Secure? All You Need To Know

Are digital business cards safe? Learn the various security and privacy measures a digital business card solution must implement to protect your organization’s sensitive business card data.

Where To Save Your Digital Business Card on iPhone for Easy Access & Sharing

Learn how to use your iPhone as a digital business card. Send your card to your Apple Wallet to access and share it as and when required.

How To Use Your Mobile Phone as Your Digital Business Card

Learn how you can turn your mobile device into a digital business card. Share your contact and professional information anytime and as often as required.

How To Add a Digital Business Card to Your Google Wallet in 2 Minutes [No App Needed]

How To Add a Digital Business Card to Your Google Wallet.

Learn how to add your Uniqode digital business card to your Google Wallet in two minutes. Additionally, learn how to share 1000+ digital business cards to their respective owners’ Google Wallets with a single click.

How To Enable Two-Way Contact Sharing for Your Team’s Digital Business Cards [In a Single Click]

Two-way contact sharing for your entire team.

Learn how to enable Two-Way Contact Sharing for your entire team via Uniqode’s digital business cards to maximize your networking ROI. The best part? All it takes is a single click.

How Can Your Prospect View & Instantly Save Your Digital Business Card [Without Downloading Any App]

How can your prospect view and save your digital business cards.

Learn how your recipients can view and save your digital business cards in two simple ways. BONUS: See how your prospects can download your card details with a single click.

How to Track and Analyze Digital Business Card Engagement Metrics

how to track and analyze digital business cards

Gain valuable insights into your team’s networking performance by tracking your digital business cards’ engagement data. Find out which metrics to track and how to effectively analyze digital business card engagement data to optimize your networking efforts.

How to Update Your Digital Business Cards in Less Than 5 Minutes

update digital business card

Updating your digital business cards is easy and happens in real-time, unlike updating paper business cards. Learn how to update your digital business card in less than 5 minutes and save the time and money associated with re-printing and re-distributing paper business cards.