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How To Make QR Codes for Posters: A Beginner’s Guide

How to make QR Codes for posters

Learn how to create QR Codes for your poster campaigns in a few simple steps. Enhance prospect engagement and make it simpler for you to connect with your audience.

How To Create a QR Code for a Magazine: The Easy Way


It’s time to connect the print and digital worlds and bring back—and engage—the readers. Create a QR Code for a magazine and achieve all this (and more)!

How to Create a Free QR Code For Print [No Sign-In Required]

Create a custom free QR Code for print with Beaconstac

Want to share content with your offline audience? Create QR Codes for print and share them across various marketing collateral. Also, learn how to track scans, get customer demographics, and customize your QR Code for print.

QR Codes for Books: A Great Way to Engage Readers and Promote Books

QR Codes for Books: A Great Way to Engage Readers and Promote Books

Looking for ways to connect with readers? Whether it’s a novel, schoolbook, cookbook, or even an encyclopedia- a QR Code can transport readers to a whole new world of information. Let’s find out how and look into the different ways you can leverage QR Codes for books.

QR Codes on Receipts: Increase Post-Purchase Revenue & Engagement

QR Codes on receipts can help you boost post purchase revenue & engagement

It is crucial to engage existing customers to grow post-purchase revenue and boost brand engagement rates. Through this guide, learn how QR Codes on receipts can help you achieve these business goals and more.

QR Codes for print media: How to leverage it for better user journeys

Wish to implement QR Codes on print media advertisements? Explore this quick guide to creating QR Codes for print media. Reduce printing spend and increase the number of conversions successfully!