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Everything about design customizations for QR Codes. This includes logo, frames, color and more

Transparent QR Codes: Easy to Create and Merge With Design Collaterals

Make design engaging and attractive with transparent QR Codes

Leverage transparent QR Codes that perfectly blend into every design. Increase brand awareness, attract customers, and boost conversions.

Colored QR Code: Create One to Boost Customer Engagement

Create Colored QR Codes to Boost Customer Engagement

Colored QR Code plays a vital role in branding and attracting potential customers. Read on to learn more about the colored QR Codes.

Generate QR Codes with Text Below: Create QR Code CTA

Use QR Code generator with text below as a CTA

Every marketing material is incomplete without a solid call to action that clicks with your audience. Hence, QR Codes with text below can easily be your print media’s CTA button in order to gather more scans.

Create a QR Code in Different Shapes: Elevate Brand Design

Create Shaped QR Codes to Elevate Brand Design

Discover the evolution of QR code design and the trend toward using custom shapes, particularly circular ones, to match brand aesthetics. Find the benefits of custom QR Code shapes and a step-by-step guide on creating custom-shaped QR Codes.

How to generate circular QR Codes for your business

Circle QR Code

Circular QR Codes help you maintain brand aesthetics all the while enjoying all QR Code features. Follow the step-by-step guide to create circular QR Codes and keep in mind the best practices before deploying them.

QR Code Frame: How to Use it to Increase Customer Engagement

A number of popular brands such as JC Penney, McDonalds, and Tag Heuer have witnessed a spike in customer engagement by adding appropriate CTAs to their QR Code campaigns.

How do frame QR Codes help?

Create an Effective Logo for Your QR Codes: Placeit vs. Adobe Illustrator

You’ve probably come across the term customized QR Codes or QR Code generator with logo quite a bit if you have been contemplating using QR Codes for marketing.  A basic customized QR Code has the same colors as your brand and your logo. We usually recommend uploading a square logo. If your brand’s logo isn’t […]

QR Code Design: How to Make a Custom QR Code

QR Code Design: How to Make a Custom QR Code

Custom QR Codes, designed with varying colors, logos, and CTAs, offer improved brand recall and engagement. Get design tips to create QR Code customizations as well as a step-by-step guide to create a customized QR Code.