CATEGORY: QR Code Basics

Everything that a QR Code user should know on day 1, such as, how to scan, how to create, do they expire?

How to Make a QR Code on iPhone [Without an App]

Make a QR Code on iPhone with Beaconstac

Learn how to easily create QR codes for various file types on your iPhone using Uniqode’s dynamic QR Code generator. Overcoming limitations of Apple’s Shortcuts app, Uniqode offers extensive customization, editability, and scan tracking for a seamless experience.

Share Audio-Visual Content With The World: Use Multimedia QR Code Generator

Use mutimedia QR Code generator to generate qr codes for audio and visual content

Create QR Code to share videos, audio, PDFs, and images easily with Uniqode’s multimedia QR Code generator. Custom design and track the performance of your multimedia QR Code effortlessly.

The Ultimate Guide to QR Codes: Everything You Need to Know

Ultimate guide to QR Codes

Are you interested to know about QR Code technology? This comprehensive guide to QR Codes will discuss its fundamentals and popular use cases.

How To Make a Free QR Code for a Website in 3 Steps

How to make a QR Code for a website to boost your online traffic

Increase traffic to your website from offline audiences seamlessly with QR Codes. Learn how to do it in four simple steps on Uniqode.

How to Generate a QR Code for a URL: Take Your Audience Online

How to generate a QR Code for a URL

Learn how to swiftly create QR codes for URLs with Uniqode’s generator, seamlessly bridging offline and online worlds. URL QR codes are versatile, applicable across various industries, and can enhance personal and professional profiles. The article emphasizes the importance of dynamic QR codes for easy edits and comprehensive data tracking.

How to scan a QR Code from an Image in the gallery

How to scan QR Code from photos

Both Android and iOS have made advancements to align themselves with the QR Code adoption. Read further to see how to scan a QR Code from the photo gallery on your smartphone.

Best QR Code Printers in 2021

Best QR Code Printers in 2021

How do you find a QR Code printer suited to your needs? What factors determine that the QR Code printer is right for your business? Check out our comprehensive list of the best QR Code printers and find one that suits your needs best!

Augmented reality and QR codes – What you need to know

Augmented reality and QR codes – What you need to know

Both AR and QR Codes can create a huge impact on your business. Understand the difference between them, find out how you can create an augmented reality QR Code, and how you can use QR Codes to deliver AR experiences.

How to Scan a QR Code on Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

How to Scan a QR Code on Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Learn how to scan a QR Code on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch in this blog post.

50+ FAQs on QR Codes and QR Code Generator

Have a lot of questions about QR Codes and how they work?
Check out our comprehensive FAQ page that addresses all your queries and start creating QR Codes like an expert!