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Create a QR Code for Data Collection (The Simple Way)


Collecting customer data for better serving them is common for businesses. Discover how you can easily create a QR Code for data collection with Uniqode, using Google Forms, and make this process faster and simpler.

Create a QR Code Questionnaire (and Collect Responses Quickly)


Share and receive customer responses easily with a QR Code questionnaire. Create a free QR Code for a questionnaire for Google Forms with Uniqode.

How to Create a Feedback Form QR Code with Google Forms


Feedback forms, when used with Google Forms, help you collect customer feedback in seconds. Discover how to create a feedback QR Code with Google Forms and some examples to get you started.

How to Create a Free QR Code for Survey [A Short Guide]

Create a free Survey QR Code with Beaconstac

Create a free QR Code for a survey, and receive feedback easily while boosting engagement rates. With an upgrade to dynamic QR Codes, learn how to customize, track scans, and password-protect your surveys.

Leverage Survey QR Code to Get Instant Customer Feedback


No more waiting for customer feedback. Boost your customer survey response rates with Uniqode’s survey QR Code generator. Get feedback on the go.

Uniqode’s QR Code Form: Collect Responses Easily and Generate Leads

Create customized QR Code for forms

Streamline feedback collection and generate more leads with Uniqode’s QR Code forms. Let your target audience access digital forms in a single scan. Check out this article to learn more.

How to Create QR Code for Google Form: All-In-One Guide

How to Make a QR Code for a Google Form: The All-In-One Guide

Bridge the gap between Google Forms and real-world interactions with QR Codes for Google Forms. Facilitate feedback gathering, event registration, surveys, and more. Find out how to create one along with some best practices.

A Simple Guide to Generate Leads Using QR Codes

How to create a QR Code to generate leads

How do JLO Beauty, Supergoop, and L’Oreal drive traffic and improve the quality of customers?
Using QR Codes!
Discover how you can do the same.