Everything that a user can know about QR Codes, such as use cases, alternatives, etc.

QR Codes for Manufacturing: How To Create One (+ Industry Case Studies)


Take your slow and tedious manual processes and give them a spin by creating a QR Code for manufacturing. Move, track, and manage operations faster on the factory floor. Get an edge over your competitors with dynamic QR Codes.

How To Do a QR Code Campaign Like Taylor Swift’s

How to do a QR Code campaign like Taylor Swift's

Taylor Swift’s TTPD QR Code campaign was a marketing juggernaut—hardly surprising given her Reputation (pun intended). But, could you also do a similar campaign for your business? Find it out here.

India Reached 100B Digital Payments in 2023: Could It Work in the US?

Image by Nattakorn_Maneerat // Shutterstock

UPI has completely revolutionized the digital payments landscape in India. As its adoption increases in other countries, let’s see if it can work in the US.

5 Tech Advancements Sports Venues Have Added Since Your Last Event

5 tech advancements sports venues have added since your last event

As more organizations audit their stadiums and arenas and keep up with technological innovations, Uniqode compiled a list of the latest tech advancements to coax—and keep—fans inside venues.

5 QR Code Formats for Your Business (+ When To Use Them)


Downloading your QR Code and don’t know which format to choose? Find out more about each of the five types, their pros and cons, use cases, and best practices for using them.

How Much Data Can QR Code Hold?

How much data can QR Code hold

The exact amount of data QR Codes can hold depends on three things: size, error correction, and type. Larger QR Codes (higher versions) have more space to store data, while higher error correction levels sacrifice some space to make the code more scannable even if damaged.

Stadium QR Code: Score Higher ROI With Fewer Efforts


A stadium QR Code offers immense scope to boost your campaign reach and ROI. Moreover, you can deploy it for various use cases. In this article, learn more on how to integrate stadium QR Codes into your marketing.

9 Foolproof Lead Generation Ideas for Realtors To Boost Conversions

Are you a realtor looking for lead-generation ideas that actually work in 2024? Read this blog to learn about fool-proof lead generation ideas for realtors.

Uniqode vs. Canva QR Code Generators: Compare and Decide


Should you go for a free QR Code generator such as Canva or a paid QR Code generator such as Uniqode? In this article, we compare both on multiple parameters to find an answer. Find out which tool will suit your needs the best.

How To Create a QR Code With Dots (And Drive More Scans)


Take your QR Code design to the next level with QR Code dots. Stand out from the crowd with a custom design. Improve your scannability and printing success ratio.