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How To Create QR Codes for Tickets: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Create QR Codes for Tickets

QR Codes on tickets go beyond access, offering opportunities for engagement, data collection, and marketing. The guide walks you through the simple steps of creating a QR Code for tickets using Uniqode’s platform, emphasizing the advantages of dynamic QR Codes.

5 Ways QR Codes Can Enable Financial Growth for Your Business 

5 Ways to Use QR Codes for Improving Financial Growth

Ever wondered how QR Codes can enable financial growth for your business? Read this blog to learn how you can use QR Codes to boost your business’s financial growth.

Create a Free QR Code for a Trade Show (Bonus: Best Practices)


Discover the step-by-step process to create a free QR Code for a trade show. Find out why dynamic QR Codes have the edge over static ones and some best practices to remember.

QR Codes for Restaurant Ordering: The Simple Recipe for Higher Orders


This article highlights the widespread use of QR Codes in dining establishments and their integration with tech stacks and POS systems. Key advantages include reduced wait times, enhanced operational efficiency, higher average order values, etc.

App Download QR Codes for CTV Ads: Tap into Massive Reach for Peak Engagement

App download QR Codes for CTV ads

The surge in connected TV viewing presented wider opportunities for mobile apps to reach the right audience. But even the most clever ads can still fall short of prompting an immersed viewer to act. What you need to offer is convenience, and QR Codes are the perfect tools to do that. Learn why in this article.

9 Ways Universities and Schools Can Use PDF QR Codes for Education and Administration

Looking to enhance student engagement and streamline operations? Learn how PDF QR Codes can help you to do so in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

5 Ways QR Codes Can Drive Traffic to Your Blog

5 Tips to Use QR Codes and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Looking for innovative ways to drive traffic to your blog? Try QR Codes. Find out how QR Codes can help increase blog traffic in a cost-effective way. Continue reading.

QR Codes in Cinema Advertising: A New Frontier for Marketing

QR Codes in Cinema Advertising: A New Frontier for Marketing

Explore the myriad of use cases and best practices for QR Codes in cinema advertising from this complete guide! Upgrade your movie advertising strategy and enhance audience engagement.

Best practices for using QR Codes in TV commercials

As TV advertising remains influential, QR Codes offer an interactive way for viewers to connect with brands. Best practices include clear instructions, dynamic QR Codes, high contrast, strategic placement, static on-screen location, size calculation, timing, audience alignment, and maintaining a ‘quiet zone’ for optimal scanning.

QR Codes for Text Messaging: Increase Conversions and Customer Engagement

Looking to increase conversions and customer engagement? Learn how businesses of various sizes increased their traffic with QR Codes for text messaging to achieve maximum results.