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This includes how to create QR Codes, what format should they download in, error correction etc

QR Code Test: The Easy Way to Create QR Codes That Work


Issues with QR Code scannability? Conduct a QR Code test to wipe out common issues why QR Codes don’t work. Find out how to conduct a QR Code test.

QR Code Blurry: Why It Happens and How to Fix


Are you losing business revenue due to a blurry QR Code? Find out what causes a QR Code to be blurry and how you can fix a blurry QR Code.

QR Code Size: Learn How to Perfectly Size Your QR Codes With This Guide

QR Code Sizing Guide

Need help figuring out what size your QR Codes should be? Here’s a simple and in-depth guide to help you out. This article emphasizes the significance of size in relation to scan-ability and covers QR code specifications, resizing tips, and resolution requirements.

QR Code Contrast Checker & More: Product Update

Maximize your QR Code and NFC marketing campaigns with these feature updates.

QR Code Printing Guidelines – The Definitive Guide 2024

QR Code Printing Guidelines – The Definitive Guide 2021

It is important to follow the right guidelines for printing QR codes as any error could result in unusable QR codes. An ideal QR code print is high quality, ideal size and printed on a good surface. This QR code should occupy the visible area. Read through the article to learn more about the guidelines and few tips on QR code printing.

QR Code Scanning Problems: 9 Reasons Why Your QR Code is Not Working (+Common QR Code Errors)

Help with QR Code Scanning Problems: 9 reasons Why Your QR Code is Not Working (+Common QR Code Errors)

Are your QR Codes not working? Lear how to fix common issues like blurriness, color inversion, inadequate size, contrast issues, improper placement, or overcrowding. To ensure functionality, download in high resolution, avoid color inversion, maintain an appropriate size, prioritize visibility, and test before deployment.