How to scan a QR Code from an Image in the gallery

How to scan QR Code from photos

Both Android and iOS have made advancements to align themselves with the QR Code adoption. Read further to see how to scan a QR Code from the photo gallery on your smartphone.

Best practices for using QR Codes in TV commercials

Drive more brand engagement and digital interactions with QR Codes in television commercials. Find out how QR Codes work on TV, why they’re popular, and best practices to include them in your marketing.

Security at Uniqode: We’re now SOC 2® certified!

Beaconstac is SOC 2 compliant

Uniqode becomes the first QR Code platform on the planet to be SOC 2® Type 1 certified! As you march towards building and scaling up a connected physical and digital world, it’s important for us that your brand and audiences are always interacting in a safe environment. UPDATE: Uniqode is now SOC 2® Type 2 […]

How to Make a QR Code for a Restaurant Menu in 4 Steps

QR Code menu experience

Create easier and faster dining experiences with a QR Code for a restaurant menu. Learn how to create one with this step-by-step guide. Find out the specific benefits of using a QR Code generator to create a restaurant menu QR Code.

Multilingual QR Codes – Deliver content in your consumers’ preferred languages

Multi lingual QR Codes

Use multilingual QR Codes and connect with a global audience effectively. Discover various uses of multilingual QR Codes such as for product packaging, app downloads, customer support, etc. Find out how to create a multilingual QR Code.

Upgrade your QR Codes into a powerful & integrated marketing channel

Offline and online experiences are not meant to be in silos – definitely not in 2021. In an attempt to bridge the gap, brands have already added QR codes to their offline presence – on product, packaging or marketing material.  However, in our conversations with FMCG, CBD and CPG brands, we realized that 80% of […]

QR codes on CBD packaging and labeling: Meeting state requirements and the key to legalization

QR codes on CBD labeling

Create tailored QR Code CBD labels with customization and tracking features. Easily provide access to information, such as ingredients, CBD concentration, certificates, etc.

Dynamic QR Code: Definition, Benefits & Use cases

What is a dynamic QR Code

What is a dynamic QR Code? How does it work? How to create, track, and manage it? Find all these answers and more below.

How to Improve QR Code Campaign Performance + Benchmarks to Lookout for

Improve QR Code performance

Make your QR Codes work smarter! Generate positive ROI with QR Code campaigns. Compare the current QR performance with industry benchmarks and understand how to improve them.

QR Code Menu: Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2022

QR Code Strategy for Restaurants

You can use QR Code menus in restaurants as a contactless alternative to physical menus. Find out how to create QR Code menus with a menu builder, with and without a PDF. Discover creative examples of QR Code menus in action.