The Ultimate Guide on How to Leverage QR Codes to Sync Online and Offline Marketing

QR Codes to sync online and offline marketing strategies

With brands expanding their presence on omnichannel platforms to reach more audiences, learn how QR Codes help brands sync their online and offline marketing strategies to close the loop seamlessly.

Best Loyalty Platforms: A Masterguide to Help you Find the Best Suited Platform

Best Loyalty Platforms 2021: A Masterguide to Help you Find the Best Suited Platform

Trying to build a loyalty program for your brand? Look no further! Check out this complete guide on the best customer loyalty platforms to help pick the best one and foster long-term brand loyalty effectively.

QR Codes for Planograms: 6 Reasons Why Retailers Need it

QR Codes for planograms

Struggling to improve in-store sales and shelf performance rate for your brick and mortar retail store? QR Codes for planograms are the answer you’re looking for.

Product Packaging Design Tools: The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Solution

Product packaging design tools

Looking for a design software that fits your requirements? Check out this detailed guide on product packaging design tools with helpful information on how to create an effective packaging design.

QR Codes in Australia: Surge of QR Codes

What led to the surge in the usage of QR Codes in Australia? Is it because of contact tracing or payments? What does the future hold? Let’s find out.

How to Add QR Code API to your App: A Quick Guideline


Want to know how to add a QR Code API to your app without complex troubleshooting? Read to find out!

QR Codes for Museums: Improve Visitor Experience

QR Codes for Museums

Discover how QR Codes revolutionize museum visits, providing insights, promoting events, and enhancing the overall experience. From sharing in-depth art details via QR-linked webpages to leveraging social media promotions with discounts, museums can seamlessly engage visitors using QR Codes.

Audio QR Code: Convert and Share Any MP3 in a Flash!

Audio QR Code

Explore how to create and share audio files – music albums, podcasts, and audio lessons with audio QR Codes in a jiffy.

QR Code Generator for Teachers: Make Learning Fun and Automate Work!

QR Code generator for teachers

Learn how to use QR Codes for teachers to make learning fun, help students, and automate school work in this blog post.

Vaccination QR Codes: Digital Passports, Vials, and Certificates to Kickstart the Vaccination Drive

Vaccination QR Codes

With the COVID-19 vaccination being rolled out across the globe, governments and establishments are assigning vaccination QR Codes for passports, certificates, and more. Read this blog post to know how various countries are using vaccination QR Codes and why they are the right fit!