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How can QR Codes be used by realtors

50% of the buyers found their homes via the internet and 28% of them found through a realtor. Combine the power of technology to reap maximum benefits.


Share your details and portfolio - instantly

Avoid exchanging physical business cards to maintain social distancing and use a vCard QR Code to share your contact details and portfolio, to let them know more about you as a realtor. Whether you do OOH ads or share business cards with potential buyers, it is important to give buyers and sellers a way to get in touch with you - instantly.

Setup more property visits

Scheduling visits, or generating leads for your business, is extremely simple with a QR Code. All a potential buyer has to do is scan the QR Code on the sign, poster, flyer or a billboard and fill in the form to go see the house they are interested in. Alternatively, the QR Code can trigger a phone call.


Dispense property information 24x7

We know you want to be present for your clients throughout even amidst the lockdown. We got you covered! Place a QR Code on the yard sign or the sidewalk, that links to a landing page explaining all the great features of the property along with the buyer’s details and the real estate agent’s contact information. Use one of our landing page templates or create one from scratch.

Share location to the property

Buyers take the location of the house into account before purchasing to ensure that their work or school is nearby. Add a location QR Code to your listing to let them navigate to the property and calculate how far it is from their workplace.


List all available properties

With limited staff working, it gets difficult to show properties at all times. Potential buyers may or may not be interested in the house they are currently viewing, but that does not mean you can’t still sell them a house! Add QR Codes on signage to list all the available properties in the area. You can add an image gallery with links to the properties or share the Google Maps location with buyers.

Virtual Tour

COVID-19 safety rules prohibit more than 4 visitors at a time viewing a property. Why make buyers wait for the open house when you can let them see the house at their convenience? Attach a QR Code to the signage or print adverts to take them on a video tour or let them see aesthetically pleasing photos of the property.


Download Mobile app

Have an app? Get buyers and sellers to download the mobile app with an App Download QR Code to engage with them and let them browse through available listings, book visits and create a list of properties they are interested in to avoid contact with one another.

Retarget potential buyers online

One of the most important features of QR Codes is retargeting. Uniqode’s QR Code solution is the only platform that allows you to retarget users online on Google and Facebook with a single click integration. Once someone has scanned your QR Code campaign but hasn’t converted, you can always retarget them.


Get feedback on the open house

Collecting feedback is now more important than ever and it explains how transparent you are! Now you can get real-time feedback on the open house with a Feedback QR Code. You can have buyers rate the house out of 5 stars and add their comments.

Dispense sanitization practices for safe tours

With real estate activities resuming, social distancing and safety measures are still in place. Sanitize the property that is frequently touched such as doorknobs, lights, and windows after every tour. Place a QR Code visibly on each floor so customers can scan it to view the frequency of the cleaning.


Authorization to enter a property

Schedule in-person tour of properties with limited staff and visitors at any given time and stagger visits by at least 30 minutes or more. Use QR Codes at the entrance to view the occupancy in real-time.

Contact tracing with QR Codes

Supply all attendants with a verbal health screening prior to every in-person activity and do not allow in-person access to properties with likely exposure to the virus. Make use of QR Code contactless forms to keep track of every visitor and their health status.


Implement virtual documentation

Minimize the time spent in the property for in-person visits for documentation. Generate a PDF QR Code for a client and make use of it to access important documents required.

Be transparent with communication for continuous responses

Send out QR Codes in email newsletters and emails with clients to be clear of the protocols your agency is following for safe practices. Attach a feedback form with it to receive inputs from clients for possible inquiries and suggestions.


Market smarter and grow faster with Uniqode's
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Share your contact information with customers in one scan by leveraging vCards


Leverage event QR Codes to share information about the open house event and have them save the invite on their calendar

Event QR Code

Make use of dynamic QR Code to edit, track, and fine-tune your campaign even after printing them on business cards, lawn signs or property brochures

Dynamic QR Code

Get insights on how your QR Codes are performing to fine-tune your advertisement


Deliver information to your potential buyers by directing them to a landing page, when then scan a QR Code. Build one using Uniqode's mobile-friendly templates or create from scratch

Landing Page

Why realtors love using QR Codes!

We've advised many people in the use of QR Codes for marketing and frequently use them ourselves, but they are just as useful for Realtors -- if not more so. We also use them on our direct mailers, flyers, and handouts at the office, and business cards.

Courtney Keene

Courtney Keene

My Roofing Pal

I’ve used physical ads outfitted with a QR Code that brings you back to our website. We’d get a lot of hits in traffic coming from the QR Codes. Another method we’ve used is by placing QR Codes on business cards so that customers wouldn’t have to type in our web address.

Matthew Myre

Matthew Myre

Berri Properties

QR Codes can be used on advertisements of properties for rent, on business cards when networking, and in shared spaces to notify us about any issues.

Noah Brinker

Noah Brinker

Cash Homes NWA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate QR Codes can be used in a number of ways for real estate marketing -

  • a. Property information
  • b. Property signs
  • c. Print media advertisements
  • d. Realtors’ information - vCards and portfolio access
  • e. Location to the property
  • f. Events and promotion
  • g. Collect feedback and reviews

Commercial real estate, in a nutshell, means properties that are used for commercial purposes and not residential. Commercial real estate includes office properties, SMB office space, high-end corporate offices, and any such property associated with commercial uses.
QR Codes can be used for commercial real estate too, just as they are used for other purposes -

  • a. Property information
  • b. Property listing
  • c. vCards and portfolio of realtors
  • d. Location to the property
  • e. Events
  • f. Video tour
  • g. Lead generation

Real estate QR Codes can be attached to your website along with the property information on a dedicated web page. Place a markup QR Code appropriately, that can redirect the customer to a virtual reality page to give them a full tour of the property they are interested in

With the help of text codes, potential buyers and sellers can get a predefined message on their smartphones when a QR Code is scanned.
Attach a QR Code on print media adverts, websites, emails/newsletters, and even yard signs. When the customer scans the QR Codes, they receive a predefined message set by you on their smartphones.
Read how to create a text QR Code

Real estate QR Codes can be created using both static and dynamic QR Codes.
However, we suggest using dynamic QR Codes since they are multifaceted, editable, and trackable. Dynamic QR Codes start from just $5. We also provide a 14-day free starter trial.

QR Codes can be used on real estate flyers to perform the following functions -

  • a. Redirecting the customer to your website
  • b. Location to the property
  • c. Surrounding property listings
  • d. Any offer/discount
  • e. Events or any open house tour invitation
  • f. Detailed information about the property advertised

Make sure the QR Code placed is big enough (at least 2 x 2 inches) for customers to scan it without any trouble and customize it accordingly so buyers can know what it means.

Yes, QR Codes are still relevant in real estate. In fact, customers prefer it when realtors are equipped with the latest technology and encourage a hassle-free property finding method.
QR Codes have been in the market for decades now. Most of the smartphones are equipped with an in-built QR Code reader. This only insinuates that QR Codes are here to stay and are very much relevant.

Real estate QR Codes can be extensively used on yard signs and property signs that can be directed to the realtor’s webpage and vCard to learn more information about the property.
Use dynamic QR Codes for real estate signs since they are editable, trackable, and can be redirected to different offers with just one single QR Code.