QR Code integration

At General Dynamics Electric Boat, QR Codes have become an indispensable tool, particularly at recruitment events spanning from career fairs to high school and college information sessions.

Amanda believes "QR Codes play a pivotal role in measuring the ROI of our recruitment events and ensuring sustained engagement with our audience post-events."

Addressing the challenges

1. Measuring ROI of recruitment events

The challenge: General Dynamics Electric Boat struggled to accurately measure the return on investment (ROI) from their extensive participation in various events.

🔥 QR Code scan data enabled them to construct a compelling business case regarding the effectiveness of recruitment events. This includes determining the optimal number of events to attend, effectively allocating resources, and refining their overall recruitment strategy.

2. Efficient collection of attendee information

The challenge: At recruitment events, the opportunity to engage with potential candidates is fleeting. General Dynamics Electric Boat recognized the need for a streamlined method to capture attendee information promptly and accurately.

🔥 QR Codes with customized forms allowed attendees to quickly provide their contact details and other relevant information with a simple scan. This streamlined data collection process not only saved valuable time but also minimized errors associated with manual data entry.

3. Share all links in one place

The challenge: At General Dynamics Electric Boat's college and university fairs, students often faced the challenge of sifting through numerous web pages to access essential details about job opportunities, company benefits, and employee resource groups.

🔥 Linkpages are multi-link QR Codes that serve as a centralized hub for attendees to access pertinent information quickly and efficiently.

4. Track marketing campaigns

The challenge: General Dynamics Electric Boat faced the challenge of accurately measuring the visibility and engagement of their advertising efforts, hindering their ability to assess the overall effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

🔥 QR Codes displayed in various locations such as RIPTA buses, bus shelters, t-shirts, and event pavilions, General Dynamics Electric Boat could track the number of scans and gather data on audience demographics and engagement levels in real-time.

Measuring product satisfaction and results

In the fall of 2023, General Dynamics Electric Boat implemented QR Code usage for university relations recruiting and internship applications, yielding impressive results:

University relations recruiting:

  • Over 4,500 QR Code scans resulted in 1,000+ forms submitted for entry-level engineering positions.

Internship applications:

  • Over 5,500 QR Code scans led to 1,000+ forms submitted for internship positions.

Document upload participation rate:

  • Achieved a participation rate of over 95% in the document upload feature, demonstrating candidates' proactive engagement.
"Over a handful of days at NCAA Big East Tournament last year, we had almost 2k scans and were able to determine from that, as well as following up on some correspondence from after, that it made sense for us to spend the money again and go back." Amanda adds

Future prospects and continuous improvement

  • Plans to further optimize QR Code utilization for upcoming events
  • Continued reliance on QR codes to streamline recruitment efforts and inform strategic decisions
"The versatility and effectiveness of QR Codes have opened new avenues for innovation in our recruitment strategy." according to Amanda

“We didn't realize just how much we could do with them”

The incorporation of QR Codes into General Dynamics Electric Boat's recruitment strategy has surpassed initial expectations, revolutionizing event engagement, data collection, and post-event communication. As we continue to explore the full potential of QR Code technology, General Dynamics Electric Boat remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence in recruitment endeavors.



Shipbuilding company


Connecticut, United States


Large business


Over 95%
increase in document uploads
QR Code scans
forms submitted

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