NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2022 Uniqode, a phygital customer engagement platform for brands and businesses of all sizes, today announced it surpassed 20,000 customers, cementing its place as the G2 category-leading QR code platform. This number marks a doubling in customers from November 2021, highlighting the continued adoption of QR codes as brands discover ways to enhance their digital experience strategy.

"As businesses and brands discovered the many benefits of QR code adoption, we began to see a need for a robust platform that let companies manage and scale their operations in a centralized way," said Sharat Potharaju, CEO and co-founder of Uniqode. "We're seeing more companies than ever use Uniqode to drive their customer engagement efforts, citing our scalability, flexibility and security as key differentiators."

QR codes are rapidly becoming embedded in the ways consumers interact with companies. Their ease of use, coupled with their ability to reach a wide audience, has made them ubiquitous to businesses of every size, ranging from individuals and small/medium businesses to large enterprise companies. Uniqode's continued growth emphasizes the lasting impact QR codes have on businesses, including their ability to scale marketing efforts and provide measurable, effective data to drive ROI.

"Uniqode's QR code tool kit made it easy and seamless for our team's designers and media partners to work together and quickly build different QR codes per channel that capture specific data insights we needed to support our client's ad campaign," said Matt Monahan, Sr. Producer at Deloitte Digital.

Uniqode offers robust QR code generation capabilities, such as dynamic codes that can be updated post-print and end-to-end lifecycle management to ensure brand consistency, bulk operation and campaign management. The company currently has offices in New York City and Bangalore, India.

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