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Launch and scale your direct mail campaigns with QR Codes

Make data-driven marketing decisions with QR Codes in your direct mail campaigns

Measure campaign performance and impact

Get end-to-end direct mail campaign visibility, such as scan numbers, unique users, scan time, top-performing campaigns, devices used, and so much more.


Track location & key scan metrics

Use geo-tracking data, such as scan location, permission-based GPS and IP-based tracking—to understand users better. Locate users by country and city.

Retarget to convert prospects into patrons

Reach out to users who scanned your direct mail QR Codes with ads retargeting them on Facebook, Instagram and Google.


Save on postcard re-printing costs

Reuse your printed postcards multiple times. Simply update the redirecting URLs with dynamic QR Codes.

Integrate with your existing tech stack

Integrate direct mail QR Codes with your existing marketing and sales tech stack: CRMs, Google Analytics, Microsoft Entra ID, Zapier, Meta Pixel, Google Ads, and 5000+ integrations.


How different teams can benefit from our QR Codes


Track postcard reach

Identify your top-performing direct mail campaigns with the help of QR Codes. Track which postcards got the maximum number of scans - from which location and at what time.

Share more information

Share more information in one single postcard - compress multiple PDFs, URLs, CTAs, contacts, emails, pictures and videos in your QR Code.

Eliminate reprinting needs

Eliminate the need to reprint postcards—use dynamic QR Codes to edit the URL destination anytime you want.

Scale campaigns fast

Launch direct mail campaigns at scale by printing up to 2,000 QR Codes at once - customized for different geographies.

Book more meetings

Solicit interested prospects by sharing your digital business card via QR Code on direct mail, making it easy for them to book a meeting.

Retarget ads to prospects

Build a successful lead funnel by retargeting those who scanned your QR Codes using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google Ads.

Free up postcard space

Free up the design space on your direct mailers by condensing lengthy URLs, CTAs, PDFs, and more into a single QR Code.

Make QR codes stand out

Make your QR Codes look on-brand by adding your business logo, custom colors, frames, patterns and eyes.

Share more with all-in-one QR Codes in your direct mail

Use powerful multi-URL QR Code to redirect users to video tours, PDFs, forms, surveys, social media, app downloads, bookings, contact details, and so much more.

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Direct mail QR Codes for multiple industries

Launch high-ROI direct mail campaigns with QR Codes that fit every need.

Real Estate

Show 1-click video tours

Give prospects one-click access to video-based virtual property tours with a quick QR Code scan from your postcard.

Run high ROI campaigns

Run high-ROI direct mail campaigns by retargeting geographical areas with higher QR Code scans.

Set-Up meetings fast

Make it easy for prospects to set up meetings with realtors by linking direct mail QR Codes to their digital business card with name, contact details, website link and more

Retarget with real-estate ads

Retarget offline prospects using real estate ads and open house invitations  on Facebook, Instagram and Google search after they scan your QR Code.

Expedite loan processing

Expand financial services to younger clients by sharing QR Codes with financial forms to speed up the loan processing.

Change QR code content anytime

Directly add Dynamic QR Codes to your Canva designs be it financial catalogs, instrument brochures, investment leaflets sent on direct mail.

Retarget with investment offers

Retarget your prospects with special loan promos and investment offers using Facebook ads, Instagram ads & Google Ads once they scan your QR Code

Book more appointments

Make appointment bookings for prospective patients a breeze by having website links, call/SMS buttons, and booking links for different medical services in your QR Codes.

Increase seminar registrations

Increase registrations for medical seminars and events by directing interested individuals to quick sign-up forms via QR Codes on your direct mail.

Change QR code content anytime

Add dynamic QR Codes to your Canva designs be it educational materials, medical brochures sent out over direct mail and change QR Code content anytime.

Boost college registrations

Make college registration campaigns a success by sending out direct mail with QR Codes that link to websites and digital academic brochures.

Raise funds with ease

Raise funds for your academic institutions by sharing impact PDF brochures and donation links via direct mail QR Codes.

Send invites for events

Send “Save the date” invites to fellow batchmates for college events and festivals with QR Code in promotional mail.

Enterprise-ready QR Codes to launch at scale



Create, download, track, and manage QR Codes effortlessly—in bulk



Automatically generate QR Codes at scale and more



Use key native integrations. Or integrate with 5,000+ apps via Zapier



Top-tier security with SOC® 2 Type 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliance

Hear what our customers are saying

We used the QR code on a brochure to direct people to a virtual tour of a home. This really helped the visibility of the home, and allowed us to see how many people took our virtual tour.

Linda A.

Linda A.

Real Estate Agent

With Uniqode, I can create outstanding visuals linked to web-based information for our election campaigns! Everyone loves the unique and attention-grabbing code, even the competing candidates!

Kellie B.

Kellie B.

Campaign Manager

Uniqode makes building QR codes an almost mindless process. We have used them to bring our brochures to life. Why type out some big, long link when you can put an easy to scan QR code instead!

Austin M.

Austin M.

Operations Manager

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