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Everything that a user can know about virtual business cards, such as use cases, alternatives, etc.

Digital Business Cards for Healthcare Professionals: Benefits, Use Cases & More

A digital business card used by a healthcare professional

Learn why switching to digital business cards can maximize your networking efforts as a healthcare professional. We also explore real-life applications to demonstrate how digital business cards can prove beneficial for growing your healthcare firm.

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Business Cards (+ How to Create Them)

The ultimate guide to virtual business cards and how to create them

Virtual business cards are replacing their physical counterparts at a fast rate. But what are the reasons behind this widespread switch? What makes virtual business cards superior in terms of networking ROI? Read this article to find out.

Business Card Alternatives: 8 Reasons Why Digital Business Cards Provide the Highest Networking ROI

7 reasons why digital business cards are the best paper business card alternative

You may have already encountered various alternatives to paper business cards. But which of these alternatives can offer the best results for your networking efforts? Read on to learn the eight key reasons why digital business cards surpass all other paper-based alternatives

5 Features That Make Uniqode the Best Digital Business Card Solution

5 Features That Make Beaconstac the Best Digital Business Card Solution

In addition to covering all the essential factors, Uniqode’s digital business card maker provides several advanced capabilities. This article will discuss 5 such features that make Uniqode the best digital business card solution available today. Read on.

YouTube Business Cards: Instantly Share YouTube Videos & Grow Your Channel

Looking for a unique way to get more views on YouTube and grow your channel? Try YouTube business cards. They let you instantly share your YouTube videos and are cost-effective. Read on to learn more.

14 QR Code Business Card Templates & Design Ideas: Impress Your Audience

14 QR Code Business Card Templates & Design Ideas

Using digital business cards with QR Codes opens up a world of creative possibilities. Identify different template examples such as photo-based, letterpress, etc.

vCard QR Codes: A comprehensive guide on designing and leveraging vCards

vCard QR Codes: A comprehensive guide on designing and leveraging vCards

Switch from traditional business cards to vCard QR Codes and reduce waste, increase engagement, and facilitate contactless sharing. Find out how to create a vCard QR Code and discover real-world examples of their use.