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Is That QR Code Safe? How To Evaluate and Stay Protected

How to check if a QR Code is safe

Learn how to ensure QR Code safety and security with our step-by-step guide. Discover best practices, tools, and how to avoid fraud QR Code scans.

How to Create QR Codes With Password: In-Depth Guide

Add an extra layer of security to your documents and easily share sensitive content using QR Codes with password. Explore the different ways to use password-protected QR Codes.

How can consumers tell you’re using safe QR Codes for a secure Phygital experience?

How can consumers tell you’re using safe QR Codes for a secure Phygital experience

Looking to educate your customers about safe QR Codes? Read this quick guide to learn how your consumers can experience a safe and secure Phygital experience.

QR Codes Exploitation: How to Mitigate the Risk?

QR Code mitigation

With the rise in QR Code exploits, how can businesses and consumers decipher what a QR Code holds before scanning and mitigate the risks of a malicious QR Code? Find out how!

Security at Uniqode: We’re now SOC 2® certified!

Beaconstac is SOC 2 compliant

Uniqode becomes the first QR Code platform on the planet to be SOC 2® Type 1 certified! As you march towards building and scaling up a connected physical and digital world, it’s important for us that your brand and audiences are always interacting in a safe environment. UPDATE: Uniqode is now SOC 2® Type 2 […]

Safe QR Code Generator: What Should You Look For?

QR Code security

Learn more about QR Code safety and secure scanning guidelines. Discover what a safe QR Code means and how to scan a QR Code safely. Get tips on what to look for in a safe QR Code generator.