[Study] QR Code Surge in the Restaurant Industry Explained (950+ restaurants surveyed)

What caused restaurants to start using QR Code menus? How are they using QR Codes now? What’s next for restaurants?
Let’s find out.

Age Gated QR Codes & More | Product Update

Learn how to restrict your content with a password or age, design colourful coupon QR Codes, download scalable SVG QR Codes, and customize the QR Code frame.

QR Code Contrast Checker & More: Product Update

Maximize your QR Code and NFC marketing campaigns with these feature updates.

Customer Spotlight: How an image consultant leverages QR Codes

How an image consultant leverages Uniqode’s QR Codes and you can too!

Restaurant Menu QR Code: Product Update

Enable contactless menus with a one-stop solution: Restaurant Menu QR Code. Host all your menus with your branding in multiple languages

Zapier Integration: Uniqode Product Update

63% of companies that are outgrowing their competition are using automation. The reason? It’s simple. Automation in marketing saves time, increases customer engagement and drives upselling. So, why aren’t more companies using it? Table of Contents According to CircleResearch and B2B marketing, 61% of companies surveyed found the implementation process difficult.  This is why, we decided to […]

Returning to work during the pandemic: 7 ways contactless solutions can help

Contactless solutions that leverage app-less technology like QR Codes and NFC or app-based solutions can ensure physical distancing, help employees avoid surfaces and avoid overcrowding.

Zero-touch Retail: The future of a post-pandemic world

With all the short-term challenges that retailers and brands face – health and safety, decreased labor force and consumer demand, one solution that has consistently proven to be effective is contactless or zero-touch marketing strategies.

COVID-19 Solutions: Companies that are using tech to fight the virus

Global Tech solutions fighting COVID-19

Companies around the globe are turning to technology to keep communities engaged, facilitate contact tracing and help the economy.

Working through disruption: How QR Codes can help

As businesses and organizations prepare themselves to flatten the curve and curb the spread of COVID-19, reduced manpower, postponed or canceled events and overall uncertainty have emerged as unwavering issues.