How to Share a Digital Business Card: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Networking Efforts

How to Send a Digital Business Card

It is crucial to choose a digital business card solution that lets you efficiently create AND distribute your business cards. This article will discuss 6 ways through which you can send a digital business card using Uniqode—to help you make the most out of your networking efforts.

Apple Wallet Business Cards: Share Digital Business Cards via Your iPhone

Apple Wallet Business Cards: Share Digital Business Cards via Your iPhone

The benefits of using Apple Wallet business card for networking efforts are many. Find a step-by-step guide on how to create and share a digital business card via Apple Wallet. Compare between Uniqode and HiHello and see which works best fo you.

5 Features That Make Uniqode the Best Digital Business Card Solution

5 Features That Make Beaconstac the Best Digital Business Card Solution

In addition to covering all the essential factors, Uniqode’s digital business card maker provides several advanced capabilities. This article will discuss 5 such features that make Uniqode the best digital business card solution available today. Read on.

The 6 Best Digital Business Card Solutions in 2024: Compare and Decide

The 6 Best Digital Business Card Solutions Available Today

An in-depth comparison of the top 6 digital business card makers based on features, user reviews, and ratings. Read on to choose the most robust and scalable solution for your business.

How Businesses Can Cut Printing Costs by 98% Amid High Inflation via QR Codes

4 ways QR Codes can help businesses significantly reduce printing and operational costs

Due to the current economic scenario, companies are looking to reduce operational costs to maintain healthy profit margins. This article will discuss how QR Codes can help you cut printing costs—a major component of operational expenses—by up to 98%. Read on.

How Businesses Leverage Bulk Dynamic QR Codes to Eliminate Manual Efforts & Save Time

Generating bulk dynamic QR Codes helps you eliminate manual efforts and save time and resources. In this article, discover how top brands across industries leverage dynamic QR Codes in batches. Also, learn how to choose the best bulk dynamic QR Code maker.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Digital With Your Law Firm’s Business Cards

Maximize networking and marketing opportunities by engaging with your clients through a digital business card. In this article, learn why you should go digital with your law firm’s business cards.

Digital Business Card for Realtors: Engage Clients Better & Close More Deals

Digital Business Card for Realtors

Learn how digital business cards can help you network better with your clients and close more deals. Also, find the list of best digital business card makers and card design ideas that your real estate business can opt for. Read on.

YouTube Business Cards: Instantly Share YouTube Videos & Grow Your Channel

Looking for a unique way to get more views on YouTube and grow your channel? Try YouTube business cards. They let you instantly share your YouTube videos and are cost-effective. Read on to learn more.

QR Codes on Receipts: Increase Post-Purchase Revenue & Engagement

QR Codes on receipts can help you boost post purchase revenue & engagement

It is crucial to engage existing customers to grow post-purchase revenue and boost brand engagement rates. Through this guide, learn how QR Codes on receipts can help you achieve these business goals and more.