Google Services QR Code Generator: How to create & use them

QR Code Generator for Google Services: How to create & use them

START 14-DAY FREE TRIAL VIEW PRICING QR codes are penetrating into the business world irrespective of their size and category. While QR codes have become a marketer’s favorite tool for bridging the gap between online and offline marketing, on the other hand, we have a company that was started in 1998 and has become synonymous […]

QR Codes in Email Marketing: A Great Way to Retain or Acquire Customers

QR Codes and email marketing

QR Codes in email marketing are a great way to improve the performance of your email campaigns. Check out our comprehensive guide to know more.

QR Codes in E-commerce: 7 ways Amazon is getting it right!

QR Codes in E-commerce: 7 ways Amazon is getting it right!

Thinking of how to leverage QR Codes for your eCommerce channel? Find out how eCommerce giant Amazon uses QR Codes to stand out from the competition and uncover innovative ideas from this article.

31 Psychology-backed lead generation strategies for real estate

Psychology-backed lead generation strategies for real estate

The past year witnessed that around 36% of home purchasers were millennials. With millennials taking the real-estate industry by storm through their consistently increasing purchases, it’s time for realtors to up their lead generation game and grab as many leads as possible. While some of the older lead generation techniques still hold their ground, the […]

QR code generator with logo: Create colorful QR Codes

Beaconstac Product Update: Introducing a free QR code generator

Create a QR Code generator with logo and make them stand out from the crowd. In this article, find a step-by-step guide on how to create a QR Code with a logo.

QR Codes for Small Businesses: How to Create & Use Them

How to Create and Use QR Codes for your Small Business

Learn how to incorporate QR Codes for businesses to boost customer engagement and maximize ROI. Here’s our detailed guide on use cases, and how you can set up a campaign using QR Code for small business.

19 Epic QR Code Examples from Brands Killing it!

19 Epic QR Code Examples from Brands Killing it!

Need inspiration for your next QR Code campaign? Find out how popular brands like L’Oreal, Tesco, IKEA, and many more revolutionized the use of QR Codes from this blog post!

How to Use QR Codes in Retail: 6 Brands Doing it Right

How to use QR codes in Retail: Brands doing it right

Find out how you can use QR Codes in retail from this helpful guide, and dive into the QR Code campaign teardown of popular brands like Heinz, Lacoste, and Ralph Lauren.

6 Companies Nailing it With NFC Campaigns

Companies Nailing It With NFC Campaigns

Near Field Communication is taking the marketing world by storm and for a good reason.

Brands with NFC applications have tasted success and gained a rather positive momentum to keep their customers engaged.

These six companies have the most eye-catching ad campaigns of all time. Read to know more.