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Move beyond Barcodes.
Transition to QR Codes

Data capacity
  • Two dimensional
  • Can hold up to 7,089 numeric or 4,269 alphanumeric characters, enabling extensive information storage
  • One dimensional
  • Linear barcodes store up to 30 characters. Accommodates information such as product numbers and prices
  • Scannability is high—with 360° scanning, You can scan QR Codes from any angle
  • Scannable by mobile device cameras
  • Scannability is poor—you must hold the scanning device at certain angles to read the barcode
  • Requires a barcode reader to scan
  • Can easily be custom-branded with unique brand colors and logo
  • Cannot be custom branded with unique brand colors and logo
Error correction
  • Utilizes Reed-Solomon error correction for robustness against damage or distortion
  • Traditional linear barcodes (UPC or EAN codes) lack error correction mechanisms
  • Traditional linear barcodes (UPC or EAN codes) lack error correction mechanisms
  • Barcodes lack error correction and may lose scannability if partially obscured or damaged

Add Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac) QR Code features to your inventory management stack

Scan analytics

  • Get the exact GPS location of your scans
  • Understand peak scanning hours with time-of-day analytics
  • Identify inventory journey with scans by city

Multi-user access

  • Add multiple users of the same organization
  • Assign different access levels
  • Create organizations to manage teams

Bulk QR Codes

  • Upload inventory in bulk to generate 2000 QR Codes at once
  • Assign labels to your inventory and organize it better
  • Get notified of any errors or missing values in your data

Linkpages- Multi-link QR Code

  • Add links to report equipment issues.
  • Add an URL for training videos.
  • Add digital manuals for proper inventory operation.


  • Gather instant recipient feedback on inventory items
  • Create engaging surveys for users to report item conditions
  • Analyze survey responses to optimize resources

API integration

  • Integrate QR Codes with your inventory management tool
  • Assign labels to your inventory and organize it better
  • Get notified of any errors or missing values in your data

Explore QR Code inventory management across industries

Launch high-ROI direct mail campaigns with QR Codes that fit every need.

Supply Chain


Consider you're managing a manufacturing unit and need to oversee batch production. Here's how our QR Codes and features can support you:ManufacturingManufacturing

Suppose you need tracking essential information about your medical equipment and supplies. Our QR Codes streamline your operations:HealthcareManufacturing

In the hospitality industry, efficient inventory management is paramount. Let's dive into how QR Codes enhance your housekeeping operations:HospitalityManufacturing

Managing a bustling distribution center? Our QR Code features are here for your inventory management needs: Picture this - You receive a shipment of diverse products.Supply ChainManufacturing

Imagine you're managing a bustling construction site, overseeing various equipment, tools, and materials. The traditional paper-based inventory system is causing delays and confusion. That's where QR Code steps into your construction processes:ConstructionManufacturing

Do you run a retail store with various product categories? Integrate our QR Code features into your inventory management strategy:EcommerceManufacturing

Simplify data entry

Upload batch details via CSV to save time and avoid errors.

Seamless integration

Use our QR Code API to sync with your existing tools, such as Zoho inventory, inFlow, or QuickBooks, for real-time updates.

Multi-URL landing page

Create a QR Code that directs to a custom page with batch specifications, production stages, and safety guidelines.


Protect critical QR Codes with passwords for access by authorized personnel only.

Dynamic QR Codes

Create QR Codes for each medical equipment within seconds. Customize them to match your brand and easily edit the destination URL whenever needed.


Attach QR Codes to your medical supplies. Enhance staff training by linking QR Codes to instructional videos for proper equipment handling.


Gather instant recipient feedback on inventory items, create engaging surveys for item conditions, and analyze responses to optimize resources.


Automate your operations. Integrate our QR Code API with Brightree, Netsuite, and Zoho inventory tools.

Customize your brand

Showcase your hotel’s identity with your logo, color, and font.

Team management

Add staff, grant tailored access, and manage teams seamlessly—from the same QR Code dashboard.

Organize with labels

Assign labels to your QR Codes like "Room Linens" for streamlined item tracking. Get a bird’s-eye-view of all labeled QR Codes from the dashboard.

Guest feedback

Listen to guests exactly when they have to say something. Use QR Code forms for instant guest feedback on amenities.

QR Code labels

Assign labels to differentiate product categories. Make warehousing and retrieval smoother.

Bulk upload

Upload the inventory data in CSV format and generate up to 2000 QR Codes simultaneously—for large shipments.

GPS precision

Obtain precise GPS locations as packages are scanned.


Integrate with leading tools such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, TMS solutions to ensure unified data flow, enabling informed logistics decisions

Location mapping

Trace the journey of your moving materials, warehouse-to-warehouse, via QR Codes. Use the data to optimize delivery times. 

Access control

Assign different access levels to different team members. Site supervisors can access detailed equipment specifications. While workers can view basic information to ensure safety compliance.

Swift bulk upload

Swiftly generate QR Codes for newly arrived construction materials. No need to manually generate QR Codes. Use QR Code bulk upload feature.

Maintenance tracking

Make equipment (e.g., backhoe) issue reporting instant and effective. Use QR Codes on equipment for instant issue reports via maintenance request forms.

Dynamic QR Codes

Update product details of your new collection on the fly as stock levels change—with dynamic QR Codes.

Scan analytics

Adjust stock distribution strategies across locations using city scan data.

API integrations

Integrate QR Codes with your inventory management system and CRM. Get real-time updates and personalized customer interactions.

Multi-URL landing page

Give your prospects specific and targeted information that they need using one QR Code. Collect instant feedback from the same.

Automate your operations with our QR Code API

Print ads

Choose from black and white, gradient, colorful, or QR Codes with frames and logos.

Print ads

Choose from 16 types of QR Codes, both static and dynamic.

Product packaging

QR Codes are available in five formats: PNG, EPS, SVG, JPG, and PDF.

Brochures and flyers

Handle up to 100 requests per second with our robust API.

Billboards and signage

Enjoy the freedom of up to two million requests per month.

Billboards and signage

Stay secure with every scan

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QR Code inventory management– FAQs

Yes. QR Codes are widely used in the inventory management space. They are 2D versions of barcodes and come in varying module configurations for storing inventory information of different lengths.

As physical-to-digital gateways, QR Codes can be printed on physical inventory to hold detailed information about the product and its whereabouts. Upon scanning the QR Code, warehouse or logistic personnel can register product data such as date of dispatch, location, pallet number, and so on by easily integrating with a preferred inventory tracking/management software.

Yes. QR Codes can hold data along two dimensions—both vertical and horizontal—as opposed to 1D barcodes. They’re also more suitable for printing inventory tracking labels as they occupy less space and can hold more characters.