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How To Use QR Codes for Logistics: An Easy-to-Implement Guide

QR Codes for logistics

Unlock the potential of QR Codes in logistics with this guide. Learn benefits, top applications, and a simple implementation process.

How To Set Up Free QR Code Tracking

Discover how to track your QR Codes for free with Uniqode. Access detailed QR Code analytics and optimize your campaigns in real time.

How to Use QR Code for Event Tracking—the Ultimate Guide

QR Code event tracking

Learn how QR Code tracking can be used to measure event success. Track engagement, attendance, and more to derive better event insights.

How to Create a Custom QR Code Tracker: A Handy Guide


Create a QR Code tracker in four easy steps. Know how dynamic QR Codes offer flexible tracking for unlocking critical campaign insights.

QR Code Generator with Tracking: Get Real-Time Scan Data to Optimize Your Campaigns

How to Create Trackable QR Codes and Monitor Scan Data

Here’s an in-depth overview of QR Code tracking, highlighting its evolution from inventory management to versatile marketing tools. Leverage QR Code tracking with dynamic QR Codes. Integrate Google Analytics with your QR Codes to get deeper insights.

How to Create a Trackable QR Code and Monitor Scan Data

How to Create Trackable QR Codes and Monitor Scan Data

Wondering what trackable QR Codes are and how to track such QR Codes? Read on for the only how-to guide you’ll need for all your QR Code tracking related queries.

QR Code Metrics: A Complete 101 Guide to Metrics You Can Track with QR Codes

QR Code Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with QR Code analytics. Discover the multiple data metrics you can uncover with dynamic QR Codes. Open a world of possibilities with Google Analytics integration and retargeting.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking QR Codes in Google Analytics

Find out two different methods of tracking QR Codes in Google Analytics. Discover the different types of metrics you can track such as user behavior, device type, location, and operating system used to scan the QR Code.

QR Code scan with GPS location | Product Update

Use QR Codes to track GPS location data. Find out how to create a GPS QR Code. Learn how to enable GPS and gather location data through analytics.