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On business cards

Enhance your credibility by adding QR Codes on business cards that lead to your work samples, websites or social media profile.

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On flyers

Create flyers with QR Codes to help your customers redeem offer coupons and generate leads by initiating calls or messages.

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On brochures

Incorporate QR Codes on brochures to display your product listing and how-to videos, or share coupon codes and contact details.

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On product packaging

QR Codes on product packaging assist in effortless re-ordering of products and keep your customers coming back.

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On posters

Boost your in-store traffic by sticking QR Code posters on store window display and adding a compelling call-to-action.

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On billboards & banners

With QR Codes on billboards & banners, you can help customers navigate to your store & advertise new launches.

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On websites

Get increased social media visibility & engagement by using QR Codes on websites. Bookmarking your website made easier with QR Codes.