Everything that a user can know about QR Codes, such as use cases, alternatives, etc.

QR Codes in Healthcare: Why it Makes a Difference

QR Codes in healthcare has drastically improved the way hospitals run. A number of hospitals have already leveraged the technology for patient tracking, drug safety, and many other use-cases.

6 Rules to Generate Leads for Small Businesses

With only 18 percent of small business owners interested in selling their business to employees, small business owners today aren’t waiting for an opportunity – they’re creating opportunities for themselves. Focusing on lead generation allows them to reach financial stability and ensure future success. With proper lead generation tactics in place, your business can grow […]

3 Simple Ways to Get More Leads From Your Website

Simple ways to generate leads from your website

When you began your business, one of the first things you probably heard was, “You need a website.” And for good reason. A website is the spine of any eCommerce business: the central point that holds everything else together. Consequently, it’s also one of the first places to look at if you’re looking to increase […]

QR Codes for Events: Organize and Plan Events

QR Codes for event ticketing

QR Codes have brought convenience and versatility in event ticketing and management. Discover how to create an event QR Code and understand its various benefits. Get creative ideas on using QR Codes for events.

Top Tips for Marketing Your Small Business on Instagram

The large presence that Instagram has in the social media sphere is unavoidable. Everyone from your relative to your favorite restaurant to your doctor has a profile. This social sharing site has developed into a strong tool for brands to connect with their customers. Your small business can use Instagram as a tool to encourage sales, […]

Reinforce your branding with your next QR code campaign: Uniqode Product Update

QR Code Campaign with custom domain and custom URL

Your QR code campaigns can now have a custom domain and a personalized URL.  This feature update will make it easy for your customers to recognize your campaigns and help you target the right segment with the personalized URLs.  CREATE DYNAMIC QR CODE START 14 DAY FREE TRIAL Table of Contents Update #1 Using your […]

4 Founders, 2 Marketers, and 1 City Council Candidate: What they think of QR Codes in 2019

QR Code in 2019: What marketers and business really think of QR codes

When I was writing this blog post “Are QR Codes still relevant in 2019?”, I saw that there was a sizeable search volume for these terms –  ‘Are QR Codes dead?’ and ‘Will they make a comeback in 2019?’ I trust the data. By 2020, 11 million households in the US alone will scan a […]

How to Use QR Codes in the Classroom for Innovative Learning

Looking to adopt tech-based learning for your educational institution? Try using QR Codes in the classroom for activities, attendance, and sharing relevant information seamlessly. Check out this article to learn more.