Everything that a user can know about QR Codes, such as use cases, alternatives, etc.

How Businesses Can Cut Printing Costs by 98% Amid High Inflation via QR Codes

4 ways QR Codes can help businesses significantly reduce printing and operational costs

Due to the current economic scenario, companies are looking to reduce operational costs to maintain healthy profit margins. This article will discuss how QR Codes can help you cut printing costs—a major component of operational expenses—by up to 98%. Read on.

How to Create a Canva QR Code: Optimize Your Canva Designs

How to create a Canva QR Code

Integrate QR Codes into your designs to elevate your marketing. Create Canva QR Codes with two simple methods. Find out unique ideas to use your Canva QR Codes and make your design stand out.

QR Codes for Spotify: A Better Way to Promote Audio Content

Generate QR Codes for Spotify

This article discusses the advantages of using QR Codes for Spotify to boost audio content marketing. It outlines the process of creating Spotify QR Codes with Uniqode’s QR Code generator, compares Spotify Codes with custom QR Code generators, and highlights reasons to use QR Codes for sharing music, promoting content, attracting podcast listeners, and growing an audience.

QR Codes in Malls: How Can Malls Effectively Use QR Codes

QR Codes in Malls

QR Codes in malls are an efficient and cost-effective way to engage customers and drive desired business outcomes. Read this quick guide to learn how to use QR Codes in malls.

How to Improve Conversions & Boost Brand Loyalty Through Triggered Emails

Boost CTRs, improve retention rates, and build brand loyalty by including triggered emails in your email marketing campaigns. Continue reading to learn how triggered emails can help your business.

Excel QR Code Generator: How To Create & Use Excel QR Codes

Excel QR Code Generator: How To Create & Use Excel QR Codes

Make data management a piece of cake by using Excel QR Codes to enable mobile access to spreadsheets. Find out how to create Excel QR Codes in single and in bulk. Understand the uses of integrations and add-ins to ease your processes.

6 ways for local businesses to leverage Google My Business

6 ways for local businesses to leverage Google My Business

Looking to attract new customers and manage brand reputation for your local business? Here’s how Google My Business and local SEO can help.

Offline Marketing Strategies for B2B Brands: The Complete Guide

Offline Marketing Strategies for B2B Brands - The Complete Guide

Wondering how offline marketing can help your business? Check this guide out to learn the benefits of offline marketing and discover effective strategies to leverage this form of marketing for your business.

How to provide the best Phygital experience to your customers – Do’s and don’ts of Phygital marketing

In this quick guide, we discuss 3 effective ways of executing Phygital marketing to help you deliver the best Phygital experience to your customers.

The Best Post-Purchase Customer Experience Tools: A Complete List To Increase Customer Delight

post purchase customer experience

Looking to delight your customers for a memorable post-purchase customer experience? Here’s a comprehensive list of the best post-purchase customer engagement tools out there.