Everything that a user can know about QR Codes, such as use cases, alternatives, etc.

Accessible QR Codes: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

QR Code for accessibility

Are you looking to enhance QR Code accessibility? Learn with examples and tips on doing it with simple additions to QR Codes.

Answered: Which is the Best QR Code Generator for Teachers?


Find an in-depth comparison of the top six QR Code generators for teachers. Discover why Beconstac is the ideal choice among all.

4 QR Code Alternatives You Should Know About [+Comparison]

What are some alternatives to QR Codes?

Looking for an alternative to QR Codes? Here’s our take on the available alternatives, their features, and how to choose what works best for your use case.

How To Create a QR Code for WeChat in 4 Steps

How to create a QR Code for WeChat

Boost your brand on WeChat with a simple QR Code. Learn the steps to create one and start connecting with prospects and customers.

How To Make QR Codes for the Classroom: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teachers

How to make QR Codes for classroom with Beaconstac

Learn how to create a QR Code for your classroom to share course materials, assess student learning, and even take attendance.

How to Create a Free QR Code for Your Business Under 5 Minutes

How to create QR Code for your business

Learn how to create QR Code for your business for free. Know which QR Code type is best for businesses for long and short-term use cases.

QR Codes in Hospitality Industry: Enhance Customer Experience & Generate Revenue

QR Codes in hospitality sector

Customer experience is the epitome of hospitality industry. Use QR Codes to enhance guest experience and offer better services. Retain customers, generate new leads and boost your ROI.

Create a Custom Apple Music QR Code to Amplify Audio Content Promotion

Apple Music QR Code: Share music and boost revenue

Learn how to create a custom Apple Music QR Code and leverage it to promote music. Find out why it’s ideal to use Uniqode’s QR Code solution over Apple Music’s static QR Codes.

QR Code for Non-Profits: How to Enhance Impact and Raise More Funds

QR Code for non-profits and fundraising

Share information about your cause and increase impact with QR Codes for non-profits. Explore how your NGO can use QR Codes for events, fundraising, donations and more.

QR Codes for Recruiting: A Unique Way to Secure More Qualified Candidates

QR Codes for recruiting

Are you looking for a unique and effective way to connect with candidates? QR Codes for recruiting provide a distinctive way to bridge the gap between physical and digital platforms. Let’s find out how and look into some compelling implementation ideas!